Meeting to consider SB 580, SB 1230, SB 1244; and HB 1446

Senate Labor and Industry Committee

Tuesday, June 11, 2024 | 12 p.m. 

Room 8E-A, East Wing


➢ SB 580 (Robinson) – Establishes the Pennsylvania Family and Medical Leave Act.
➢ SB 1230 (Baker) – Amends the Administrative Code to adopt the 2016 elevator code and provides for adoption of future elevator codes every three years.
➢ SB 1244 (Brooks) – Amends the Unemployment Compensation Law to extend the Reemployment Fund for four years.
➢ HB 1446 (Mackenzie) – Amends the Unemployment Compensation Law to codify that victims of domestic violence are eligible for unemployment compensation benefits if they voluntarily quit their job for their safety.

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